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Hy. My name is D.Van and this is my assorted collection of quotes. And since I can't switch my main blog with this bullshit, just go over devancheque.tumblr.com if you're interested in pictures I draw and stuff I do. Подписаться на RSS.
дек 31, 2013
In the end, it’s not a question of what kind of person flies and what kind of person fades. We all do both. Perhaps that’s why, when I put the choice to myself, I’m hopelessly, completely stuck. At the heart of this decision, the question I really don’t want to face is this. Who do you want to be? The person you hope to be, or the person you fear you actually are?
John Hodgman, This American Life #508
янв 31, 2013
Be too stupid to quit.
Mike Krahulik
янв 22, 2013
My one true ambition in life is to outlive Mickey Mouse’s copyright.

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дек 5, 2012


  1. MyCoolWhiteLies: You know you have a powerful character creator when you can create a Steve Buscemi.
  2. eyecite: Can't you just use a "randomize features" script? I think that's what god did.
ноя 28, 2012
Stephen King has said something to the effect of, if you forget an idea you had, then it can’t have been good enough to remember. This only works if you’re Stephen King. If you are not Stephen King, don’t try it. Write that shit down and file it.
Warren Ellis

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ноя 13, 2012


  1. BrotyKraut: There will eventually be a way to pirate it.
  2. ChiefSittingBear: But it's free.
  3. inflatablegoo: Do you not understand? WE WILL PIRATE IT.
ноя 7, 2012
Английский кинопереводчики любят, русский — тоже любят, но по-другому. Это как с любовницей и женой. Жена от тебя постоянно что-то хочет, то удлини, то укороти, то найди аналог, то купи хлеба.
Наталья Крайнер

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окт 4, 2012
That’s the trick of nostalgia, and why yoking it is such a dangerous business. It’s never “as good,” because it can’t be. “As good” wouldn’t satisfy you, now, because you aren’t the person who was satisfied by it anymore, partly because of the satisfaction you felt earlier, but also because of every other force and beam and ray which is always operating on your aggregated being.
Jerry Holkins

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сен 30, 2012
Когда человеку нечем гордиться, он начинает гордиться своим возрастом.

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сен 20, 2012

I’ve spent my entire career obsessively trying to “learn how to draw” when I should’ve just been drawing. Always thinking “I just need to get a little better… and then I’ll start working on (insert any of a hundred personal projects)”

The fact is that i’ve been good enough since my teens- and would’ve improved so much more rapidly had my study been in the service of any of those projects- and not in the dozens of sketchbooks pilled in my closet.

Lesson: Don’t use “learning” as an excuse to avoid “doing”.

Shane Glines
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сен 19, 2012
Warren Ellis is writing the Presidential campaign. Alan Moore wrote Anonymous and a good part of Occupy. We are living in a comic book universe.
George Mokray

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сен 18, 2012


  1. BrockYourSocksOff: I once dreamed that everyone I had dreamed about before, real and subconsciously created, was in my dream. It was a reunion.
  2. coolhandlucas: Sounds like a glitch in the matrix.
  3. Chirurgeon_: Sounds like a Dr. Who season finale.
сен 13, 2012
Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
Steven Wright
сен 6, 2012
You’d be surprised how little you can live off if you’re willing to sacrifice anything that makes life enjoyable.

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авг 1, 2012


  1. roberth_smith: <…> Мы такие. Вот не конкретно ты и я, а две трети населения точно.
  2. donda: В вашей семье тёща составляет две трети?
  3. Alexandras: Теща в любой семье составляет минимум две трети.
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